We care about our clients and we are striving for a long term relationship

We care about our clients and we are striving to develop a long-term relationship with each one. This requires that we are honest in the commitments we make to each client.  If we do not have the necessary expertise or cannot provide adequate resources, we will let them know.

We care about meeting our schedules and we don’t feel like they are just “something to shoot for”. We set realistic goals and commit to attain them.  If issues arise that are out of our control, we will inform our client in a timely manner.

We understand the value of effective communication and we work hard to eliminate miscommunication.  We are honest when we communicate with our clients even if it may not be what “people want to hear”.

We listen to our clients’ concerns and ideas and provide “unique” and “cutting edge” solutions while realizing the associated costs.  We are responsive to our clients needs whether it is to provide a proposal, offer insight to a current dilemma, or just answer a question.


“We had an “outside of the box” need and Sigma stepped up. They really listened to what we needed and responded perfectly. We were impressed with Sigma’s professionalism, high degree of competency and their accuracy. Sigma is welcome on our team anytime.” 

– Tim Harris, Site Manager – Taminco – St Gabriel

“Working with Sigma is a more personal experience than with other firms. This creates a level of trust that we do not get from other firms. It is very important to have this level of trust, as we run a skeleton crew and cannot devote the necessary amount of time to reviewing a firms work.”

– 10+ Years Devoted Customer

Scrubber Engineering Project

A fast track project with no preliminary engineering work done Project Summary

Sigma had partnered with a local client to install new air scrubbers on their Urea Granulation Trains to reduce air emissions.  This project was a fast track project with no preliminary engineering work done.   We are engineering the installations of the new scrubbers, stacks, and fans.  The new scrubbers will be installed while the unit is in production. Each granulation train will be tied into the new scrubber one at a time.  There is also a challenge of fitting large ducting into extremely tight spaces in the existing units. Currently project is on time and on budget.