Thanksgiving 2023

Nov 28, 2023 | Thanksgiving

Sigma has so much to be thankful for! We best in class in all departments and top of the line leaders. We have some amazing relationships with clients and health feedback from within our walls. This thanksgiving was the largest one to date with the company! I say this each year, but I’m not sure how we continue to raise the bar and one up ourselves each year. Ryan Gomez and Coye Temple were our MVP’s when it came to cooking the FOURTEEN turkeys we had this year! We had all the thanksgiving stapes from the sweet potato casserole to dressing to cranberry sauce all the way to green bean casserole, and Anthony’s famous Sushi! This community and collective effort was not created overnight. Sharing a meal with one another and letting the work walls we build fall down for just a second to be able to enjoy other co-workers company is really really special. This is the culture that we have worked hard to establish, take seriously, and protect because it serves to unite and be a joining force to new comers and pillar of example on how continue to foster friendships. Where are every bit of thankful this year for the time, dedication, endurance, and hard work that is put in daily to achieve the mile markers we set each year.