King Cake Bon Temps

What screams Mardi Gras more than a King Cake Competition! Our Sigma Krew brought in over 20 king cakes eateries for judging and tasting. ALL the tables in the conference room were filled to the edges with king cakes. The conference room had never looked better. The judging lineup for this glutton-isk task consisted of Robbie Olivier, Amy Guelph, and Eric Mistretta. After many deep breaths, they powered through the sugary treats to crown this year’s winner- Camilla Ponson. She created a remarkable savory crawfish king cake! We’re all still trying to get the recipe- more to come when we do. Hopefully she was able to retrieve the trophy from the piping department! We always lessen les bon temps rouler at Sigma!

Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day

noun [gal-uhn-tahyns day]

1: day for ladies celebrating ladies

2. observed on Feb 13th; traditionally celebrated by kicking it with breakfast-style; must have waffles; only the best day of the year


This year at Sigma, Lauren White and Courtney Stone organized secret galentine’s gift exchange. The ladies at Sigma filled out a form of their “favorites” ranging from snacks to places to shop. Each form was submitted and redistributed to a lady in a different department. The two days leading up to Valentine’s Day, each lady placed little goodies on their galentine’s desk-or even had somebody else deliver it to remain anonymous. Finally, on Valentine’s Day the ladies went to a reveal lunch and shared who their secret galentine was!

Safety Post-Fire

Safety: Fire

Here are the facts you need to know when dealing with with fire safety:

Fires have different igniting methods so not all extinguishers work the same! There are different extinguishers for each respective fire classification. PASS method is an acronym for operating a fire extinguisher. Knowing your company’s exit strategy and evacuation location can help eliminate frantic panicking in chaotic situations. Fire drills should be practiced annually.

1. P.A.S.S. Method Fire Extinguisher

  • Pull Pin
  • Aim at base of fire
  • Squeeze lever
  • Sweep side to side

2. Know the closest exit and evacuation strategy.

3. Reduce panicking, exit swiftly, use common sense.