Employee Appreciation Day

We got to enjoy some good gumbo and good conversations over the employee appreciation day lunch! Sigma would not be the establishment it is today without each and every person we have working here. Together we better one another and the industry we represent!

LSU Academic-All Star Panelist

Our CEO, Robert Olivier, PE  was chosen as the Alumni for the Academic All-Star panel to speak alongside LSU College of Engineering to prospective students. Robbie spoke to the experiences and internships that laid the foundation of his career after graduating from LSU. “In full circle moments like these it reminds me of what opportunities were afforded to me and how I can now pay it forward,” Robbie said when asked about his professional career and ownership of Sigma Engineers and Constructors.

Future LSU Engineering, Construction Management, and Computer Science majors were in attendance. Sigma is super fortunate and proud to have such a strong tie to LSU with our summer internship program. Last year alone Sigma had over 18 interns over summer! Sigma strives to equip both personal and professional development of all who work here.


Sigma has partnered with Pearce Bespoke as well as FMMLA to create custom suits for LSU football student-athletes to wear before their games. This was such an awesome opportunity that we were able to work hand in hand with the players and see the whole process of suits being created. Located on the inside of the jacket is Sigma Engineers and Constructors logo found on the lining! Best of luck to the players for the rest of the season! Geaux Sigma