About us

Engineering Differently since 1987

Sigma Engineers and Constructors was conceived by employees who were tired of working for companies that did not truly appreciate the value of the relationships with their clients and their teammates.

They envisioned a fresh approach to the engineering marketplace. Through the years, Sigma Engineers and Constructors has become a destination workplace for both our employees and clients. Sigma – engineering differently since 1987.

Management Team

Robert B. Olivier, PE

Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Amy Guelfo

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Mistretta

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Foster

Executive Vice President of Production

Jenee Olivier

Executive Vice President of Internal Operations

Chris Kafkallides, PE

Vice President, E&I Department Manager

D. Todd Drummond, PE

Vice President, Senior Project Manager

Jarvus Ryes

Director of Business Development

Manville Borne

Director of Strategic Accounts

Ryan Hill, PE

Director of Engineering Quality

Tyler Murphy

Director of Production

Scott Plauche

Director of Asset Management
So, what makes us unique?

A Different Approach to Business

Privately owned and operated by Engineers, Sigma has created a culture that empowers employees and clients to choose relationships and projects that fit our values and ultimately act as an extension of our clients. Our expertise delivers creative solutions, many times where others have not been successful. This approach has resulted in extraordinary retention of clients and employees who create big company solutions with a small company feel.

An Unsurpassed Pursuit of Excellence

We attempt to be perfect, but realize the reality and challenges with this goal. This aspiration drives our relentless quest for improvement. Sigma’s leadership team, project managers, and department managers meet regularly to fine-tune our internal and external procedures and discuss new ways to meet challenges. We are constantly learning and discovering methods to become more effective leaders, enhance customer service, set the industry standard for quality, and deliver the results which have built our reputation and our client success.


To provide a culture that empowers and inspires our employees to loyalty, pride, and success through our passionate commitment to engineering excellence for our family of clients.


To be the choice destination for employees and clients that align with our culture and values by supplying big company capabilities with a small company feel.

Why choose sigma

With capabilities and experience in projects of varying sizes, our focus is on small and mid-cap project execution with the goal of developing long-term relationships that withstand the ups and downs of our industry.

We firmly believe that each employee is a part of our client experience, from professionals helping manage projects to our highly skilled technical teams. This attitude permeates our team and is one of our keys to successfully producing quality work time after time, on every project. Our attention to detail and effort we put into relationship management reflects the deeply personal touch needed to develop a true team approach for successful project execution.

To ensure we maintain our unique culture and fulfill our brand promise to our clients, we’ve developed a RECIPE to guide us.




(Over Profits)
We are going to take care of our people and our clients, and the money will take care of itself.



(We Have Fun)
When it’s exciting to come to work, people are happy and perform at a higher level. This contagious energy is spread to our clients and deepens the relationship we have with them.



(And Competitive)
We are uber-competitive and we set out to be the absolute best company for our team members and our clients. Our goal is to constantly improve, which takes discipline, sacrifice, and dedication. We are committed to put in the work to improve every day.



The only way to get better is to own our mistakes and use them as a foundation for improvement.



(Our culture and our family)
Part of continuing to be a great place to work is being fiercely protective of our people and the environment we’ve created.



(Our employees to be the best version of themselves)
We recognize potential and an employee’s desire to be better, and we give them the support and inspiration to advance and potentially become a leader.

We have demonstrated that we can provide high quality engineering at an all-in rate that consistently beats our competitors while maintaining an engineering error rate significantly below the industry average.

Let us know how we can help you.


Management’s strong focus on safety strategies extends from our corporate office to our interaction with clients, to when we set foot on a job site.

Part of our safety program is making sure our employees are sensitive and adapt to the protocols our customers have in place at their facilities. When we are all safe, everyone gets to leave work and go home to the most important people in their lives and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Come be a Part of the Sigma Family

Great job, good benefits and an atmosphere like no other. You’ll love it here!