Because of our Quality

We care about the quality of our product, no matter how big or small.

We care about the quality of our product, no matter how big or small.  Each project gets the same level of “attention to detail”.  Our field-verification and checking procedures are vital to our consistent level of high quality and minimal errors.  If we do make a mistake, we are quick to address it and make all necessary drawing modifications at no additional cost.

“Sigma has been providing a number of engineering services for this site almost 20 years.  They provide capital project design services, on-site engineers/designers and process safety management programs (PHAs, safety relief system design and implementation).  They have been crucial in our growth over the past several years by “fast-tracking” designs with minimal errors, following construction and commissioning.  They have been a responsive and reliable resource…”

– Philip Spillane – Lion Copolymer Geismar Plant Manager

We care about the safety of our designs and the safety of our employees throughout every step of the design process.  We have bi-weekly safety meetings and offer incentives to prove to our employees our commitment.

We care about the cost of a project and we take our budgets very seriously.  We understand that “change orders” can be seen as excessive.  We keep our clients informed throughout the project, if anything changes, so there are no surprises.  Only the people who work on projects charge to them.

We are careful to insure that we provide adequate details in our designs to minimize questions during construction.  In the case where we have a fixed budget, we will not “cut corners” to insure that we will not lose money.

Scrubber Engineering Project

A fast track project with no preliminary engineering work done Project Summary

Sigma had partnered with a local client to install new air scrubbers on their Urea Granulation Trains to reduce air emissions.  This project was a fast track project with no preliminary engineering work done.   We are engineering the installations of the new scrubbers, stacks, and fans.  The new scrubbers will be installed while the unit is in production. Each granulation train will be tied into the new scrubber one at a time.  There is also a challenge of fitting large ducting into extremely tight spaces in the existing units. Currently project is on time and on budget.