In addition to a great atmosphere, Sigma offers benefits that stretch beyond normal company ‘packages.’ Yes, you will receive the traditional benefits package, but below is a list of some of the ‘Unexpected Extras’ that come with employment at our company:

  • Flexible Schedules to help support Work/Life Balance
  • Fun Company Events, including a Crawfish Boil, Christmas Party, and many more throughout the year
  • Professional Development and Training to support continuing education
  • Incentive awards and bonuses for employees that go the extra mile helping us reach deadlines
  • Incentive awards for excellence in safety
  • To work in an atmosphere where you will be appreciated
  • To be able to walk into any Manager’s office and voice your thoughts or opinions about possible improvements

Meet Jenny – E&I

Remembering quality work and happy customers come first. Meet Jenny

How long have you been with Sigma

Just over 6 years

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy gardening in the yard when I have free time

What has been one of the more interesting projects you've worked on at SIGMA?

ExxonMobil VFU Project – The project was going to be challenging from the beginning but it ended up being even a greater learning experience because the client implemented new standards and procedures that greatly impacted the schedule of the project. In the end, we met the requirements and it was a great success for our client.

What do you think makes SIGMA unique in the industry?

I think Sigma is unique because we still believe in a quality product. The industry has become very demanding as far as time and cost are concerned. While others may sacrifice quality in order to meet the demands, quality is still Sigma’s number one goal.

Describe Sigma in one word: