Company Benefits

In addition to a great atmosphere, Sigma offers benefits that stretch beyond normal company ‘packages.’ Yes, you will receive the traditional benefits package, but below is a list of some of the ‘Unexpected Extras’ that come with employment at our company:

  • Flexible Schedules to help support Work/Life Balance
  • Fun Company Events, including Crawfish boils, Christmas Party, and many more throughout the year
  • Professional Development and Training to support continued education
  • Incentive awards and bonuses for employees who go the extra mile helping us reach deadlines
  • Incentive awards for excellence in safety
  • Christmas bonus
  • To work in an atmosphere where you will be appreciated
  • To be able to walk into the President or CEO’s office and voice your thoughts or opinions about possible improvements

Meet Brett – Mechanical

What university did you graduate from?

Louisiana State University (LSU)

What do you like to do for fun or to relax?

I like to go fishing, wakeboarding, play basketball, football, soccer, and hang out with friends as much as possible

Why would you recommend SIGMA to a college graduate? Why did you stick with Sigma for your Full Time position?

Sigma’s work environment is proactive and laid back. As a college graduate, you can attain as much experience here as you can anywhere else, and love your job while doing so. I stuck with Sigma because you’re treated like family.

What have you found to be the most interesting thing you learned during your internship?

Learning about P&IDs and how they correlate with everything in a plant has been the most interesting thing I have learned during my internship.

Pick one word to describe Sigma.