We would like to congratulate each of our employees that reached a year of service milestone in 2019. We are grateful that each of you are part of the Sigma family. 15 years: Robert Ellis, Ronnie Decoteau, Ray Kelly, David Ferris; 10 years: Clint Carmichael, Daniel Hebert, Stacey Babin, Coye Templet, Charlie Hill, Ryan Gomez, Scotty Carughi, Warren Springer, Kristin McCants, Mike Paschal, Chris Foster; 5 years: Trevis Folse, Randall Meyers, Will Galloway, Jay Cambre, Nick Comeaux, Jonathan Barre, Amy Guelfo, Kyle Guillory, Randy Verdun, Nicholas Wyckoff, Jeremy Mascarella, Todd Dupree, Jeff Wiegel, and Nancy Peppers.