Over 30 employees from Sigma Engineers and Constructors got together on Friday, July 25th, to enjoy the beautiful greens and fairways of Carter Plantation and engage in a little employee competition!  The First Annual Sigma employee golf tournament was a huge success… Thanks to everyone who came out and participated!

We would also like to thank Carter Plantation for hosting such a wonderful event and serving us such a great meal!  Bill Caldwell did an excellent job overseeing everything and we appreciate Jeff and all of the Carter Plantation staff for all their hard work to support the tournament.  Thanks guys so much!


DSC_0057 (640x427)

Tournament Winners – Ryan Gomez and Nick Guidry!

DSC_0070 (640x427)


Tournament LOSERS – Trey Foster and Lance Schnauder!

DSC_0067 (640x427)

Winner of Longest Drive #8, Austin Bucher

DSC_0021 (640x427)

Winner of Straightest Drive #10, Ryan Gomez

DSC_0043 (640x427)

Winner of Closest to the Pin #3, Randall Meyers

DSC_0060 (640x427)

Winner of Closest to the Pin #12, Danny Kais

DSC_0065 (640x427)

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Ice Mess 2 (360x640) Ice Mess 1 (360x640) Q Stick (360x640) Muffin Top (360x640)